Our core sectors

A clear focus is the basis of our success:

Our core sectors are Telekommunication, Automotive, Energy and
Transport, Travel and Logistics


Telecommunications brings worlds together. Yet the world of communication is changing – from logistics and cloud computing to the modern energy supply market: Telecommunications networks are the only way we can turn the innovations of our gigabyte society into a reality. The industry is facing the biggest challenge in its history. SEVEN PRINCIPLES supports you with expert knowledge.

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Connected cars are the future. Technological advances require increasingly innovative solutions that go way beyond the existing core business of the conventional car manufacturer.



The energy industry needs to find answers to one of the most basic trends of the 21st century: Germany is in the midst of an energy revolution – all around the world, renewable energies are on the rise. With a digitally connected world comes a focus on security, too. With years of experience, we support you to enhance your effectiveness and efficiency in the long term.


Travel, Transport and Logistics

Urban populations are growing and cities are merging into megacities. At the same time, the number of smaller households is also on the up. Logistics services for the industrial and domestic sectors are becoming more and more important for meeting the huge challenges facing the transport and logistics industry. They are the only way we can become more efficient and reduce our costs to the level that is needed. SEVEN PRINCIPLES supports you with innovative concepts that deliver sustainable solutions.