7P sees itself as a ‘connector’ between technology, processes and industry know-how. This means that the support we offer in the automotive branch is an integral strategic key component of our corporate strategy. In our role as an established partner for renowned OEMs, we aim to resolve new industry challenges together with our clients. As a way of underlining the seriousness of this project, we have set up an entire department in the company that is 100% committed to overcoming these industry challenges.

As part of the digital transformations that are taking place, current megatrends such as connected car, autonomous driving, new mobility concepts, the internet of things, big data and cloud computing are indispensible requirements for future success in a competitive industry. These new developments give rise to a whole range of questions and tasks throughout the entire value-added chain, which we are happy to advise upon. We don’t intend to do everything, but everything we do has to be done properly – that is why we are focusing our consultation efforts on the domains of ICT and development.

As a result of the high innovation pressure being pushed forward by the megatrends, it is more important than ever to reduce the burden on our clients in the operative area. That is why we are already charged with special tasks at several OEMs and are holistically taking on general contracting for larger projects and managed services. If you ask about our project examples, you will get a small insight into what we have achieved.

7P thus acts as an important strategic partner or, in other words; as a Trusted Advisor.


7P Automotive Advisory

SEVEN PRINCIPLES commands broad expertise among automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, particularly in the product development process environment.

Our expertise:


  • Taking on project and change management in order to coordinate the design and development of a central information and communication component, including the creation of a technology roadmap
  • The definition, coordination and establishment of a target image for an innovative, realisable and efficient light concept for all of the brands within a company
  • Analysis and optimisation of development processes in the fields of safeguarding the product and product launch
  • Optimisation of development processes for the development of natural gas vehicles
  • Quality management within the framework of transferring development processes to a components facility in China
  • Implementation of a service for technology components (such as traffic-light assistants, parking assistants)


Our consulting services:


  • Development management
  • Programme management, project management und programme monitoring
  • Requirement and change smanagement
  • Optimisation of development and planning processes
  • Systems engineering & development
  • Indicator systems (KPI, BSC)




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