SEVEN PRINCIPLES offers solutions for each different area of the telecommunications process landscape. SEVEN PRINCIPLES provides products and solutions in all areas, from customer interfaces to the realisation of services and through to business and network support systems and network infrastructure.

SEVEN PRINCIPLES knows the entire process chain: from the concept study to solution engineering, configuration and integration, quality assurance and operational deployment, we offer expertise based on our own experiences and developments in the different domains of the telecommunication processes.

For more than 15 years, we have been designing and implementing solutions for our customers in the areas of core network, testing and acceptance and IT infrastructures. We provide all the necessary services, ready-to-use, from conception to implementation and deployment as well as maintenance and support.

When specifying solutions we can rely on experienced staff with a high degree of telecommunications expertise when undertaking architectural consulting or when selecting appropriate system components. Our independence from traditional system producers means that we can offer system solutions based on modern architectures and technologies.

Another core competency of SEVEN PRINCIPLES is the implementation of telecommunication technologies with the necessary IP expertise based on innovative IT system technologies, such as virtualisation and cloud-based solutions.

Our solutions are reliably used every day by leading German network providers in critical business areas.



Online Charging & Billing

SEVEN PRINCIPLES has extensive expertise in the field of online charging and converged charging, which has been continuously developed over the past 10 years. This includes:

  • Architectural knowledge of the core network, charging landscapes and surrounding systems, as well as experience in the design and implementation of traditional and innovative pricing models.
  • Experience with the implementation processes at large telecommunication companies.
  • Experience providing comprehensive support for the online charging systems of a large telecommunication company.

SEVEN PRINCIPLES can offer you various solutions in the field of online charging and converged charging systems.

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Network Planning & Development

SEVEN PRINCIPLES is your strategic consultant for planning and implementing new network technologies. Our expertise includes:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in technology, planning, quality assurance and integration
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in technology, planning, quality assurance and integration
  • Extensive experience with planning tools, methods and optimisation
  • Many years of experience in managing complex projects
  • Long-term customer relationships with leading telecommunication providers

7P offers network operators not just strategic consulting in areas of network planning and development, but also supports them during the subsequent implementation throughout all phases of the project.

With our many years of experience, we will help you build infrastructures or redesign your existing networks, enabling you to gain a decisive competitive edge in the market.

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Service & Resource Provisioning: 7P Com Suite

In the field of operation support systems (OSS), SEVEN PRINCIPLES offers the Com-Suite: a solution package put together with different software products for each individual part of the system. This includes solutions for fixed-network configuration as well as for core and mobile networks (RAN). Our solutions also support management of radio relay elements. The Com-Suite interfaces with well-known network equipment providers and is based on the international TMF and 3GPP standards.

The tried and tested software products from SEVEN PRINCIPLES give you access to a range of OSS functions to support your workflow in a targeted manner:

  • Central Operation and Management System for Microwave Equipment (COMM)
  • Transport Common Configuration Management (TCCM)
  • Mobile Common Configuration Management (MCCM)
  • Micro Wave Reconciliation (MWRecon)

Beyond the software, SEVEN PRINCIPLES also provides support throughout the entire product lifecycle, including the required engineering services. This ensures that your workflow is supported and optimised in a goal-oriented manner. You benefit from increasing efficiency as well as further consistency between planned operation and the actual network.ComSuite

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Policy & Charging Control

Traditional telecommunications CORE NETWORK infrastructure is heterogeneous; i.e. there are two completely separate worlds. Speech and data are implemented using different system technologies and there are direct dependencies between service and applied technology. Modern and future telecommunications increasingly use homogeneous network structures and transmission technologies based on the IP protocol.

We support our customers in the field of Policy & Charging Control with solutions for the following key areas:

  • Control of connections (Policy Control) mehr...,
  • Control of the service quality (QoS), mehr...
  • Charging Control mehr...,
  • User Data Repository (UDR) and Subscriber Data Management (SDM) mehr...,
  • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) und
  • Software Defined Network (SDN)

The focus here is on next generation network architectures (NGN), the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), the evolved packet core (EPC), policy & charging control (PCC) as well as their system landscapes and protocols.

In addition, classic architectures for fixed network and mobile communications can also be further developed.

In addition to conceptual design, implementation and commissioning of E2E system solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of additional services from advisory services to managed services.

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Telco Cloud Orchestration

Telecom service providers are faced with a number of challenges caused by having to continually invest in technology combined with increasing competition and falling revenues.

On the basis of our many years of experience with OSS solutions, we are aware of the importance of taking great care when integrating new solutions into network operations. This care and reliability will continue to be required during and after moving to the cloud.

SEVEN PRINCIPLES is committed to the success of SDN/NFV. This performance promise is also reflected in the fact that 7P is a founding member of ETSI NFV ISG. Along the value chain, we offer:

  • Advisory/strategic consulting
  • Network architecture services
  • Solution design
  • Design of services
  • Solution architecture
  • Solution delivery
  • Network design
  • End-to-End Integration
  • Quality assurance and acceptance support
  • Operation

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Quality assurance in Telecommunications

Quality assurance (QA) is a crucial productivity factor. It involves far more than just testing: Quality cannot be achieved simply by making adjustments; it has to be systematically developed and continuously improved. Our experienced QA team uses efficient quality assurance to assist you in achieving a successful product deployment and high product quality. Because quality is crucial to your success.

Our approach:

At SEVEN PRINCIPLES we take a holistic approach to quality assurance and provide our customers with personal and agile support to tackle any challenges encountered throughout the entire product development process. With many years of experience and profound professional and process knowledge of quality assurance in the telecommunications sector, our consultants will find the optimum solution for every customer.

QA Telco

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