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Mobility is no longer only the provision of devices to the employees, instead it is about to ensure the understanding of a full 360° view, such as the mobilization of processes and technologies, which include all aspects of a company.

The demands on the IT are changing: users want to communicate and interact with customers, employees, business partners and resources in real time – at any time and from any location. Enterprise Mobility directs companies towards mobile processes – through procedures, which make the data and services available anywhere.

For this purpose, a holistic strategy out of process optimization, application, device, universal access and powerful middleware is required. The challenge lies in the intelligent integration of business processes, network infrastructure as well as the IT. The employee as an end user of Enterprise Mobility should be in the center of all planning and considerations.



Enterprise Mobility as the key component is indispensable for a future IT-Strategy. Mobile devices, IT architectures, platforms, middleware and back-end systems – one of the main challenge of an strategic enterprise mobility is to bring these components together. In the focus is always the employee as the end-user.



Enterprise Mobility starts with a consultation and a strategy, which needs to be supported by the entire company. The employee as the end-user should be in the center of all planning. This is where the acceptance and success of such a project is created. Enterprise Mobility enables chances and minimizes risks. Through an entire mindset as well as the comprehension of all departments, you can open up new business areas, improve services and release capabilities.


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