With its IT consulting and implementation competencies, 7P facilitates the creation of sustainable IT architectures, forming the basis for innovative business models. 7P offers the following services throughout its own process model.

  • Digital value proposition
  • Digital roadmap
  • Agile governance
  • Digital change management

This means that we do not remain at a standstill when it comes to consulting, but in our role as 7P Delivery, implement projects with our clients in fields such as enterprise mobility/mobile applications, big data analytics/business intelligence, digital content & channel management and cloud integration. We also oversee these projects by implementing the appropriate governance structures, with programme and project management and with the necessary change management.

These services are rounded off by the Digital Academy 7P, a modular starter product for clients who want to approach digital business models and the digital transformation in an active manner.


Digital Value Proposition

Digital Value Proposition acts as the first step towards validating digital business models. We supply the following service elements as part of the offer.

  • Visions-Workshops
    Design Thinking Workshops act as the backdrop for developing your vision, mission and scope based on corporate goals.
  • Digital Business Model
    The digital business model is typically developed and validated on the basis of a business model canvas.
  • Szenarios & SWOTs (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
    Change demands and potential are established through a comparison of the current and target situation.

Agile Governance

Digital business models require agile governance of the business processes involved, such as portfolio and architecture management.

Agile Governance Model
Creation of an agile organisation, which simplifies and facilitates the potential for change in a digital business model.

Digital Leadership Consulting
Support for the management in the transformation process: Agile projects also require reorganisation and new direction in company management.

Project Governance
Agile programme and project management with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and Scrum are tried and tested process models within the framework of digitisation projects.

Agile Governance

Digital Change Management

Digital transformation often goes hand in hand with wide-reaching changes to organisation models and processes within the company. This challenge is overcome with digital change management begegnet werden.

  • Change Management
    Change concepts and communication models are developed and change monitoring is executed during the implementation of the processes.
  • Business Transformation
    Adapting organisation and processes for new business models.
  • Training
    Training employees is a decisive factor for success when approaching any change and is critical for the digital transformation.

7P also provides a modular training and consultation offer – Digital Academy 7P – as an entry point and accompanying measure.

Application development / Implementation of customised client solutions

Microsoft products such as SharePoint and the numerous services of Azure Cloud encompass a formidable scope of performance.

However, they often fail to fulfil the individual needs of a company. This is especially true for functionally challenging projects that require company- and industry-specific modifications.

7P has acquired years of experience in helping clients to implement complex projects based on Microsoft .NET and to construct customised applications, software solutions and interfaces with third-party systems.

Collaboration and content

The Microsoft SharePoint server has emerged as one of the leading portal solutions for knowledge management and collaboration over the last few years. It is increasingly used across sectors and in mid-size and large companies as well as by global players.

7P develops solutions for Microsoft SharePoint in order to simplify and improve teamwork and processes in your company.

Our consulting service includes customizing and implementing solutions in all areas of the modern SharePoint-supported workplace.

Cloud platform / Azure

Thanks to Microsoft Azure’s numerous cloud services, the IT infrastructure can be augmented with standardised services and a basis for the provision of flexible and scalable IT applications can be developed.

7P provides services from consultation through design and implementation up to the launch of services, infrastructures and solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

Cross-platform development with Xamarin

Xamarin is a Microsoft technology that enables software developers to write apps for iOS, Android and Windows. The source code can be used across all platforms.

From the first draft through development and implementation all the way to the introduction of your Microsoft Xamarin-based apps, 7P is there to advise you every step of the way.




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